Types of Memory Foam Mattress – Which is Better and Why?

Memory foams are designed to provide maximum comfort to the consumer. The top memory layer of polyurethane is backed up with multiple layers of different materials that have different specifications. All these layers provide different benefits that add up to the strength and comfort of this mattress.

Memory foam companies have been producing versions and variations in their products to cater to all kinds of sleepers and their requirements. Not only do they differ in density, thickness, and sizes, but also in types and materials that serve different purposes. In this article, we will guide you about the type of memory foam you should choose according to your needs.  

The type of memory foam that is best for you depends upon your sleeping habits, environment, and your health problems. Different types of memory foam are preferred by different people. The common types are:

  • Traditional memory foam
  • Gel type memory foam
  • Air-cool memory foam

Traditional memory foam: Budget Friendly

Traditional memory foam is the most affordable type of memory foam. These foams were manufactured in the mid-1990s and haven’t changed since then. This is the reason why they are so inexpensive than all other types of memory foams.

This foam mattress is made with viscoelastic material that has an open cell structure which goes well with the body heat and weight. These kinds of foam are stiffer and provide good back support. The only drawback with these kinds of foams is that they retain a lot of heat and can be uncomfortable to sleep. It is not suitable for people who are hot sleepers and have a habit of sleeping in a temperature-controlled environment.

Gel- type memory foam: Durable and cool

Gel type foam is usually more durable, firmer, and expensive as compared to traditional memory foam. This type of foam is filled with aqueous gel-type material that can absorb heat. This gel-type material works exactly like a gel-filled cooling/ heating pad. These foams are better at resisting motion transfer but might feel uncomfortably firm to some people.

The drawback with this kind of memory foam mattress queen is that they can absorb heat to an extent, and after that, they start warming up. Gel beads inside the gel memory foam heat up after absorbing the maximum amount of body heat. However, this can be avoided if your room is temperature-controlled.

These gel-type foams also come with an anti-microbial option that keeps it safe from all kinds of bugs, mites, insects, and algae growth.

Air-cool memory foam: Heat dispersing foam

Memory foam mattress consumers have been dealing with heating issues for a long time. There have been many experiments to produce a foam that disperses heat and keep the sleeper cool.

The Air-cool memory foam mattress is the softest and breathable of all memory foam mattresses. It softens when the body heated is released on it and sink a bit to dissipate heat for the foam. It is not as stiff as other foams but it keeps a person from sweating all night because of heat.